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+1.200.000 deaths in 2019 due to multi-resistant bacteria

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Antibiogram is a medical app, that helps to prescribe antibiotics easy and accurate, based on a comprehensive study of the guidelines / references and more than 10 years of experience in bacterial infections

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Help us to fight bacterial resistance in your daily work.  Use the best assistant for reading and interpretation of antibiogram to improve antibiotics prescription.

Did you know? Section

Frequent questions handled by our Smart Algorithm

Did you know that Ertapenem is not active against Pseudomonas, but it can increase the MICs of other carbapenems active for Pseudomonas?

Did you know that daptomycin is inactivated by the lung surfactant and can cause eosinophilic pneumonia and therefore it should not be used in pneumonia?

Did you know that if you have an antibiogram with bacteria that produce beta-lactamases of extended spectrum you should not use any beta-lactam except Carbapenems?

Did you know that if Staphylococcus is resistant to Oxacillin, you should not use any beta-lactam because it has mutated PBP?

Prescribing antibiotics could be very tricky, Antibiogram goal is to make prescribing easy with our Smart Algorithm

Milena Morales


Specialist in internal medicine, passionate about the world of infectious diseases. With concern I see the increase in bacterial resistance, and few antibiotics to stop it. Now we have technology available that will help us impact this problem.

William Moreno


Innovator and entrepreneur, interested in the interaction of different areas of technology to provide solutions to unique problems. Passionate about how to improve people’s health and how they can exploit their full potential to get a better world for everyone.

Our product

Antibiogram is a mobile app that helps in safe and effective prescription of antibiotics.

Antibiogram is a mobile app that helps in the safe and effective prescription of antibiotics, based on the exhaustive study of the guidelines / references and more than 10 years of experience in bacterial infections.

Choose the options in each stage of the assistant Antibiogram, and get the best antibiotic prescription suggestion for your patient in the easiest way

Antibiogram uses the information entered by the user and runs our Smart Algorithm that correlates variables such as bacterial cross resistance, concentration of antibiotics in different tissue types, hypersensitivity and comorbidities of the patient, all based on the most updated guidelines / references, to get the safest and most effective antibiotic for your patient.

Antibiogram is for the exclusive use of health personnel who prescribe antibiotics. If you are not allowed to prescript antibiotics please do not use this app

Our company is a team of amazing people striving to make easy and accurate your antibiotic prescription task.

Take advantage of all the knowledge of years of experience and hard work in bacterial infections. Obtain all recommendation of guides/references and get the best antibiotic management suggestion at easiest way possible.

Get from WHO and CDC the latest news and recommendations against bacterial resistance

WHO and CDC has long been leading initiatives to combat bacterial resistance due to the pandemic danger it poses to global health. Learn about the importance of the issue and collaborates with possible solutions

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